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LiLy Cruises are one of the Most Luxurious 4 – Star Yachts in Ha Long Bay, The symbol of the Nature Beauty in Vietnam.

It is a Perfect Blend of the Sophistication between the Classic European form and the rustic essence of Vietnamese Styling. LiLy Cruises itself creates the difference with the tiny distinguished feature from its elegant design, luxury restaurant, the menu is up with careful consideration, 20 unique Cabins with Ocean view. Lily Cruise bound to the Spectacular View of Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Emerald Ocean. Deeply immerse in the charm of the traditional music tone while enjoying dinner at the restaurant or find a place on the sundeck with a cocktail to taste the sweetness of peace in the evening is seem to be the best way to reward yourself the experience exquisite, the journey flawless.

With the Professional Services and Friendly Highly Skilled Crew Members,  LiLy Cruises will certainly bring great moments for guests throughout the journey. We recommend this special experience for those are seeking something different, exotic and out of the ordinary in the World Heritage.

Cruise with LiLy Cruise , Cruise with the Charming, Savory and Elegance.

Allow us to Serve you.

Big Bay team would like to say Thank you very much for choosing us and we are looking forward to serving your special holiday on our LiLy Cruises.