1. Why do we need to stop for 30mins in the transfer between Hanoi and Halong?

We stop around half-way for guests to enjoy a bathroom break, stretch their legs and for the drivers to freshen up and remain focused. We follow the international safety recommendations of a break after approximately 2 hours of driving.

2. How to get Got Pier from/to Ninh Binh ?
3. How can I get Got Pier from Cat Bi Airport?
4. Can I bring my own drinks to the boat?
5. How can I get Got Pier from Cat Ba Island?
6. When do I have to pay for my booking?
7. Do I have to arrange my own transport to Halong Bay?
8. Can I pay by credit card?
9. I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay in cash?
10. What if I have special dietary requirements?
11. Do I need a plug converter to charge my appliances ?
12. What happens if I get sick ?
13. What do I need to bring with me?
14. Can we use wifi on the cruise?
15. What should I wear on the boat?
16. When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?
17. I am pregnant, can I come on the cruise?
18. What are the Cancellation Policies in case of bad weather ?
19. Can it accommodate disabled people? .
20. Is smoking allowed?
21. What activities are there for children?
22. What activities do you have on board?
23. Can Lily Cruise be hired out for private groups?